The periodic atomic table has many formats of expression. One such FORMAT are atomic, bio-physics humanoids that use and think using atomic languages ...such as Italian and English and Spanish.

These atomic expression languages occur  like a double helix, a double-speak  ....a duality .

1) we have  the technical languages of physics,chemistry, and biochemistry  that describe electron shells and their usage for the physical sciences and physical engineering.

Image Not Found. Image Not Found.

The above uses the odd integers of the atomic mathematical-physics integer continuum  ..... the ODD integers with electrons  describe physical entities like: solids, liquids,  and gases.


2) the 2nd atomic table expression is the information data spaces ...that use the  EVEN  integers of the continuum,  These are NEVER discussed.  Hence, we have the comunications VOID and the violations of  the commuications protocol between NATURE and human society.


The major EVEN  integers create or document  an EVENT ... as suggested by the EVENT HORIZON of astrophysics theory applied to astrophysics local  region (EARTH LAB)  ......  and using super-symmetry mirrors we can map those concepts into the atomic nucleus to understand the Margaret Mead atomic nuclear famly and its atomic social science expressions and languages ...and its ANGER at  human treason to reason.


The major EVEN integers are Base 2 (Binary), Base 4 (Times Square in Mahattan), and Base 16.

Base 2 LINKS to the  24 hour clock .....and the Base 2 exponential clock --> code 24 H --->  Base 2 exponent 4  gives H + Hexadecimal -->  Base 16 TIME zone.


Base 4 is the well-known 42nd STREET algebra TIME equation of TIme Squared.
Time Sqaure --> symbol T exponent 2 -->  4 exponent 2 --> Base 16

Thus 24 hours  TIME  mirror 42

These symbol calculations help understand  space/time  relationships  to human daily life and the geography TIME MAP in MAN ...... via  the MANHATTAN  visible display. 


Let;s look at some expressions of the atomic table.

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The atomic, bio-physics expression ot En --> has the EARTH LAB  periodic atomic table proper noun identifier of En --> Enrico Fermi   ...... that is atomic  messenger  Fer  = Ferrous oxide atoms in  iron HEME group Fe(2) ion biochemistry structure diplay format.

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Thus we see the En --> Enrico version of Fer = Ferrous oxide atoms.  The 26 protons of IRON have the 26 letters of the English alphabet.  

Enrico Fermi  ...... was Italian  and composed of  electron orbital.


Orbital --> synbols --> Orb + Ital.

Thus the country of ITALY --> implies 4/5  is ITAL ..... which is part of Orbital theory.

Hence, we begin to understand his LINK to the atomic concepts that are used in atomic physics technology. 

Atomic WORD --> ORBITAL --> OR (orders) + BIT (data bit) + AL (alphabets).



Now, the ORbital ORDERS also include Margaret Mead atomic social engineering orders, LIMITS and boundaries  .... that apply to individuals, families and communities..

What happens when these atomic social laws are broken with university approval.
The atomic English language of ferrous  oxide explains the the various concepts ...... embedded as subset messages  ....  thru mass communications: television, radio, books   and newspapers.

The atomic English language of 26 letters .... and atomic element equation:
 Language interface  (element)  Fe --> symbols --> L i F E    spells   Life.

Image Not Found.


We have laid a foundtaion of concepts for you to consider.
Now, let's look at    ENRICO FERMI  and his VA interaction theory  ...appllied to Margaret Mead atomic social science WAR.


First ..the concept...

Weak interactions, parity, helicity

SS2011: ‚Introduction to Nuclear and Particle Physics, Part 2' ... •Problems withFermi's picture: 
V-A-coupling doesn't describe the weak interaction very ...

Four-fermion interactions - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

The interaction term has a V-A (vector minus axial) form.

Fermi's interaction

In particle physicsFermi's interaction (also the Fermi Theory of Beta Decay) is an explanation of the beta decay, proposed by Enrico Fermi in 1933.[1][2] The theory posits four fermions directly interacting with one another, at one vertex.

For example, this interaction explains beta decay of a neutron by direct coupling of a neutron with:

  1. an electron,
  2. an antineutrino and
  3. proton.[3] Fermi first introduced this coupling in his description of beta decay in 1933.[4]
  4. virtual W- boson
Fermi first submitted his "tentative" theory of beta decay to the famous science journal Nature, which rejected it for being "too speculative." Nature later admitted the rejection to be one of the great editorial blunders in its history. Fermi then submitted the paper to Italian and German publications, which accepted and published it in 1933 in those languages, but it did not appear at the time in a primary publication in

English (Nature finally belatedly republished

Fermi's report on beta decay in
English on January 16, 1939).

Above, the model ....for the Margaret Mead  atomic social engineering .... signaling EVENT.,

Fermi's report on beta decay in
English on April 16, 2007).


Virginia Tech massacre - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

The VA Tech atomic mass massacre was a school shooting that took place on April 16, 2007, on ...  the English department


Weak interactions, parity, helicity

SS2011: ‚Introduction to Nuclear and Particle Physics, Part 2' ... •Problems with Fermi's picture:
 V-A-coupling doesn't describe the weak interaction very ...

V-A Coupling with VA TECH ..... Norris Hall atomic social engineering.

Weak Interactions - Physics

Physics 662, Chapter 7. 1 ... The weak boson and Fermi couplings. • Pion and .....since original theory only had vector interaction, and modern theory has V-A ...

Universe  Bookstore-Va Tech  Blacksburg, VA - Yelp

www.yelp.com › Shopping › Office Equipment

2011-2012 - Dark Matter Physics - Virginia Tech

www.phys.vt.edu › Physics Dept › Talks
Neutrino Physics, Particle, Nuclear & Astronomical Sciences Seminars Fall 2011 - Spring 2012 .... Dark Matter and Milgrom's scaling: from Astronomy to Particle physics  and back. In this talk I will introduce .... April 16 (Mon) 2:30pm

Fermi's report on decay in
English on January 16, 1939   --> March + April --> M  AP + ril --> Map riddle -->

ZINJAN atomic skull project  hexadecimal BASE 16   year 19 potassium atom 39 symbol K --> thinK  -->   April  16 2007 -->  introduce .... April 16).


Thus we see a complex puzzle poised by Nature's  direct SYMBOL  MACHINES  and the indirect SYMBOLIC MACHINES. 


Now, let's see how we can understand Nature's system ..here .......
using the EARTH geography  island of Puerto RICO (Spanish and English languages)  
the CHicago area Puerto RICO community of  CH = Carbon and Hydrogen humanoid structures ---> to LINK  to enRICO (atomic STATEof  MIND).  

Thus we are looking at the ITALIAN enRICO <---> LINK <----> Puerto RICO entities   ..... and we wish to see this at the Margaret Mead  atomic social level   ...... better perceived as a Carl JUNG atomic collective unconsciousness (GROUP MIND)  of the periodic atomic table of elements VIA the atomic humanoids and their  interaction with the atomic collective LEVEL

What does this mean?

I go to Puerto Rico restaurant in Chicago and they talk English and Spanish. I order some food and chat with waitress for a few seconds. I might be with someboby I know with a Spanish background.  We  sit, talk, look around  People come in and  out of the restaurant.  What I  see  and hear is at a conscious LEVEL .....   the same information my freind can see and hear.

Meanwhile, without my say so ..... Nature activates my sub-conscious processor to  aborb the information  ...... lots and lots ... including the subconscious signals of the other people.

Thus my subconscious  has alot of information  .... my limited conscious brain has a few OBVIOUS things ..... like ya ,,,the female waitress is real HOT.  

Thus we see the individual ...and  our   DUAL  Nature.

Now,  I go home, watch TV and  the  read a few pages of the GOD Particle book .... that links to the Carl Jung atomic collective with EnRICO. ............. and MY suncosnicous processor  ...says  enRICO --> en + Rico --> english  /spanish  Puerto RICO waitress in CHICAFO and the Puero RICO   IS = Information systems ISLAND (in the atomic collective  data stream of thought). Then I begin to get ideas about physics ..and I wonder.


Nature uses the EARTH geography surface area as a MAP...a tool.
The EARTH is a large VISIBLE sphere .... that is a super-symmetry mirror for  small, difficult to see, ATOM sphere /nucleus and orbitals  (or  a molecule).

Thus we can have a mapping function bewteen the EARTH geography DISPLAY surface  and the hidden Margaret Mead atomic nuclear family life of elements.  
The INTERNAL periodic atomic  table of elements can send information displays  ...the atomic social science signal is amplified / enlarged  and then put on visibile DISPLAY on the EARTH geography surface using humans as atomic  display devices  thru their daily human  activities.   .


Thus we have

1) The Earth geogrphy country of Puerto RICO  ( key to enRICO).

2) The hydrocarbon communications continuum LEVEL of organic chemistry of NATURE  ... the city of CH = Carbon/ hydrogen  conduits in CHICAGO.  Hence, the existence of the Puerto Rico community in CHICAGO  ........ and enRICO FERMI  in  CHICAGO  ..... allows NATURE to establish a communication LINK bewteen these various levels.


3) EARTH level geography MAP of Puerto RICO  ---> thru the hydrocarbon biology of CHICAGO atomic bio-physics  english Puerto Rico people --> maps to the Carl Jung  atomic collective with the existentail spirit of enRICO --> english data PORT  (Puerto)  RICO  and the spanned data records of the Spannish language ... known ro Pier ODDONE.

Thus the EARTH geography surface MAP ---> atomic MAP for the Margaret Meda atomic nuclear family and its Hierarchy Problems in  atomic social science communications.


The Hierarchy Problem WAR report ......EnRico and Va intercation ..military SYMBOL parameters and military SYMBOL weapons ... attack reports from newspaper symnol reports.


MILITARY atomic alphabet tools ..... and mission ooutline codes 

 Enrico --> en + co    AND    Va interaction  

GIVES 2 cases for military action on the EARTH geography ....

1) en and
2) co


1) en + Va Interaction -> english VA TECH  battle

2) co + Va interaction --> Cole Hall shooting Valentine's Day.


Thus we see that Nature and periodic atomois table of elements does think for itself  ...
and univeristies and the OFFICE of Science and world federal governments  ought accept and announce these facts of REALITY and Nature's atomic  social engineering rules, LIMITS, and policies.


Is  enRICO (a symbolic life form in the Carl Jung atomic  collective) a prisoner?
What does the EXTERNAL  signal from Earth geography location Puerto RICO say (or not say) about the atomic LEVEL of thought.


Independence movement in Puerto Rico - Wikipedia, the free ...

The independence movement in Puerto Rico refers to initiatives

Independent random variables    movement in  atomic  data Puerto      enRico Fermi - Wikipedia, the free ...

The independence movement in Puerto Rico refers to initiatives

Truman assassination attempt - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

It was carried out by two Puerto Rican pro-independence activists, Oscar Collazo ...They had learned that Truman was living at the Blair House, while the White ...

Harry S Truman assassination attempt - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

It was carried out by BASE two Puerto  .... enRico  proton-independence activists,
Os/JCL  Collate atomic data  ...
They had learned that Truman was living at the Blair House, while the White Spectrum ...the electromagnetic WHITE HOUSE of the EYE/ optical nerve and its nouns./ verbs/ equations and comcepts .... 

enRICO Fermi ......do you understand the his 11-dimensions  ..... string me along?