Mayor Barrett –Quantum Hand Signal
                                         Milwaukee,    Wisconsin 
                      University of Wisconsin ---> Science War  Battle


Reference include
Boundary Values Problems and Fourier Expansions
Charles  R.  MacCluer


Let's look at some relationships  between SYMBOL & Concept space  and reality.
In the modern Galileo existential MODEL of " Two Chief World Systems" ... expressions of Nature on EARTH are partitioned into 2 major categories:  

1) physical existence of objects such as solids ..... 4-wheeled iron automobiles with gasoline engines  or  a  house built of lumber with a concrete basement.

2) symbol existence .... the SYMBOL HOUSE of knowledge comprised of English language nouns, adjectives, verbs ...... with math and physics equations , chemistry  formula, and biochemistry dagrams..


Let's look at an example.






Barrett shrugs off hero label and praises his niece - Milwaukee ...

www.jsonline.com › NewsMilwaukee County
Aug 19, 2009 – Milwaukee Mayor Tom Barrett on Wednesday shrugged off ... Barrett, who is right-handed, said that injury was likely his most serious.

Man arrested in attack on Mayor Barrett - Milwaukee Journal Sentinel

www.jsonline.com › NewsMilwaukee County
Aug 16, 2009 – It ended with Milwaukee Mayor Tom Barrett lying in a pool of blood ... was struck on the head and torso with the pipe and broke his hand, presumably when he punched the man. ... A tearful John Barrett said doctors expect his brother to recover from his injuries. ...

"Tom stepped up and did the right thing.

"ATom stepped up and did the right triangle plane geometry atomic bio-math thing.

Tom Barrett (politician) - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

ATom Barrett ( atomic  expression politician) - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia









Thus we see the Quantum Machine processor  of symbol instructions and symbol commands that influence human daily activities and happenings.  Nature's  social expression signals from the periodic atomic table ought be studied and understood.

We see the atomic English langauge vowels  and their data processing abilities ...with  Margaret Mead nuclear social anthropology  of U = uranium 238.


Atomic vowels ...A. E. I, O U  --> I / O   U  --> Inpout / Output Uranium 238 symbol machine  / thought processor of the atomic elements of life.

Uranium 238 ---> Base 2 exponent 3 = 8 data bits (1 byte or 1 nasty bite)

Carl Jung atomic collective unconsciousness (the GROUP MIND 

of the periodic atomic  table of elements of life and thought) ........

and that deep level of thought rises to the surface of expression VIA

the violent physical language of the Mayor's  encounter 

with  ANT = ANTHROPLOGY messenger ANT = ANTHONY Peters.



Man arrested in attack on Mayor Barrett
- Milwaukee Jour = uranium 238  Sent

Milwaukee Journal Sentinel

Milwaukee       Jo ur nal   Sent inel



www.jsonline.com › NewsMilwaukee County
Aug 16, 2009 – It ended with Milwaukee Mayor Tom Barrett lying in a pool of blood with a broken ... Authorities said Anthony J. Peters, 20, was arguing with his ex-girlfriend's ... West Allis Police Chief Mike Jungbluth described Peters as a