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LaHOOD - the genetics Department of Transportation into parallel universes

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DNA architecture

The DNA alphabet word is composed of Base 16 hexadecimal English alphabet symbols from the Base 16 Oxygen atomic computer (atomic weight 16) used by atoms in biological human FORMAT with LUNG/brain political science awareness abilities.

Governor Doyle DNA name is composed of 5 of these 16 symbols, hence representing 5/16 of the DNA government. The remaining 11 symbols are assigned by MOTHER NATURE to the warehouse of ideas ..

brain inventory SKU= Stock Keeping Unit 11  SKU 11 ….specifically the ZINJAN SKULL update project of the Leakey archeology/anthropology family ……………………. .JANES 

thus the Janesville, Wisconsin  simple intellectual project   and its neglect  ..resulted in  the closing of the Genetic Motors  automotive assembly line factory.


PolitiFact Wisconsin | Transportation Secretary Raymond LaHood ...

Oct 7, 2010 ... When it comes to the proposed $810 million high-speed rail link between Milwaukee and Madison, Wisconsin's gubernatorial candidates are on

Thus DNA symbolic life is very important in thought. It is important to understand the DNA philosophy of family life, social life, and the purpose of life. DNA is very accurate in this regard..and the DNA message sent since 1956 have been ignored by most citizens. This is a violation of the Margaret Mead nuclear family SUMMIT treaties ....that are binding upon SUMMIT, Wisconsin and the Genva agreements…binding upon LAKE Genva, Wisconsin.

The DNA social engineering project has a TIME TABLE of project milestones. Thus the equation: Doyle 5/16 + Zinjan 11/16 = 16/16 = 1 =one Probability of LIFE

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Electron Transport

The electron transport chain is initiated by the reaction of an organic metabolite (intermediate in metabolic reactions) with the coenzyme NAD+ ...


1. Animation of Electron transport in Mitochondria

The schematic diagram above illustrates a mitochondrion. In the animation, watch as NADH transfers H+ ions and electrons into the electron transport system. ...

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2. Walker uses Obama visit to criticize high-speed rail « The Daily ...

Sep 28, 2010 ... VISIT THE DAILY REPORTER'S HIGH-SPEED RAIL PROJECT PROFILE PAGE ... rally Tuesday afternoon on the University of Wisconsin-Madison campus. ...

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Brain SYMBOL MACHINE architecture
!!        SNAPSE /axons/ brain    thought  circuits

Symbolism ........................... A symbol is something that represents something else, either by association or by resemblance. It can be a material object or a written sign used to .

Symbolism – Definition the Free Merriam-Webster ... the art or practice of using symbols especially by investing things with a symbolic meaning or __ by expressing the invisible or intangible by means of visible__ .

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